Tarannum Khan, Meet World’s Most Acknowledged Muslim Preacher

It would very tough to understand what role a preacher plays in an individual’s life. Preaching is not an easy task to do, but whoever does this, a huge credit goes to them. Tarannum Khan, a worldwide known Muslim preacher has risen on the sky and known for her various efforts. She is an excellent preacher as well as a great philanthropist.

She currently lives in Mumbai, India but belongs to Tanzania, East Africa. After serving the leading mosques in the East African country, she decided to make a footprint across the world and selected Mumbai as her one of the most premier locations.

Tarannum Khan belongs from a humble background where her father used to educate about the doings of “Allah” and is a v kind, soft and helpful woman from inside. Her religious brilliance helps her in controlling her diverse types of emotions and feelings and this is why she gives brilliant guiding lessons to women who are deprived of righteous knowledge of Islam.
She also works for the empowerment of Muslim girl and their education and her works include writing about Quran in the Persian language. Tarannum Khan always remains in Burqua and advocates its values for Muslim women.

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