Tarannum khan Preacher

Tarannum Khan- A well-Known Preacher in Mumbai

Preaching has always been an instrumental word and drives people to have spirituality and contentment. People who speak about “God” and his doings mentions the greatest presence of him in everyone’s life. This is why Preachers are ought to be a source of motivation. A similar preacher is being talked about in this blog and that is none other than Tarannum Khan, the preacher In Mumbai.

She has been doing preaching for a long time in Mumbai and is a known face in India and abroad. Her ideologies have always been prolific and better for the welfare of Muslim women and girls. She teaches lessons about the worship of “Allah”, the god in Islam.

Why She Started Preaching?

She has always lived in a homely religious environment where her parents used to teach her about the “Quran” and its uses & benefits. Here grandparents were also concerned for overall growth and that’s she keep her visiting mosques.

Tarannum Khan as a preacher learnt Quran thoroughly and incorporated in herself brilliantly. She dedicates Quran as her role model and guide of life. IF the holy book has not been there, she could have missed the most essential things from her life.

Her Preaching has Every Essence-

Whatever she learnt, she includes everything in her preaching and delivers to her followers. She never misses to teach them lesson of life and what miracles the God can bring in an individual’s life. She tries her best to make them a better human being as well.

Summary- Tarannum Khan, the preacher is a known face in India as well as abroad. She teaches Muslim women and girls about Allah and Quran’s uses and benefits.

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