Tarannum Khan – A Must Read Story of a World’s Most Famous Preacher

Tarannum Khan is an acknowledged preacher in Tanzania, East Africa and also in rest of the world, Currently staying in Mumbai, India. She has given her life to preaching and doing from an early age. She is an educated lady and understands the kind of game is playing on the name of preaching and this is what made a committed preacher. She truly educates his followers and guides in the right way.

She belongs to Tanzania, East Africa and travels all over the world for her preaching shows. Right now, she is in Mumbai and work on a hard schedule for providing her preaching in different areas of Mumbai

Preaching means sending the message of God to its devotees and Tarannum Khan truly believes in this. She belongs to a humble and religious background where her father teaches about good doings of the “Allah”.  Since her childhood, she used to spend her time in mosques. She started her professional career from leading mosques of Tanzania and soon surfaced in rest of the world.  She wears the burqa and also advocates it. She has written Quran in the Persian language.

She is a great philanthropist and motivational speaker as well. She works for the welfare of Muslim women for their education and other rights.

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