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Life is a journey - Tarannum Khan

“Allah is Saviour”

Who loves Allah, he loves back all of them. Allah is magical and every activity that happens on the earth is run by his grace. Tarannum Khan is a preacher who believes truly and dedicatedly in his blessings. Her unbreakable trust in the Allah has made her strong and also internationally popular. She belongs to Tanzania, East Africa and is an active philanthropist. She wears burqua and extensively advocates it to other Muslim women.

Tarannum Khan also advocates Triple Talaq, a sensitive issue that has been persisting in India for years. The subject has been causing a lot of debates these days and every activist is actively taking part in the discussion. Tarannum Khan is also one of them and favors the statement of the government.

Tarannum Khan’s Opinion about Triple Talaq-

Triple Talaq also knew as Talaq-e-Mughallazah is a form of divorce which is practiced by Indian Muslims. The topic always has been raising the issues of justice, gender equality, secularism and human rights. The Supreme Court and Government of India have been involved in addressing the problems. The problem has also made a debate on the requirement of a Uniform Civil Code in the country.

Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937 governs all Muslim family affairs that were passed after the Government of India Act become operational in 1935. This was in the provision to introduce provincial autonomy and a type of diarchy at the federal level. In customary Islamic jurisprudence, the triple talaq is ought to be disapproved, but a legal form of divorce. In triple talaq, the term “Talaq” is pronounced three-time by a Muslim man to his wife and that pronouncement can be written or oral, both. Nowadays, the talaq is said through telephone, mobiles, SMS or social media as well. The man does not need to cite any reason for the divorce or wife need not be present at the occasion.

Tarannum Khan is in the favor of Government of India which said after Supreme Court’s intervention that triple talaq should be revised on a certain basis and made where there would be no discrimination between Muslim men and women.

Tarannum Khan- A Beautiful South Indian Actress

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Tarannum Khan- A High Reputed & respected Doctor in Sehore, M.P.

Dr. Tarannum Khan is a very renowned doctor in a little town in Sehore locale. 37-year-old specialist sees patients in her facility and in the nearby municipal clinic. Rest of the time she instructs young ladies. She very concentrates on individual cleanliness and emergency treatment essentially. As indicated by Dr. Tarannum Khan, a reputed physician … Continue reading Tarannum Khan- A High Reputed & respected Doctor in Sehore, M.P.

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Tarannum Khan- A Reliable & Dependable HR Manager

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Tarannum Khan- A well-Known Preacher in Mumbai

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Tarannum Khan – A Must Read Story of a World’s Most Famous Preacher

June 28, 2017

Tarannum Khan is an acknowledged preacher in Tanzania, East Africa and also in rest of the world. She has given her life to preaching and doing from an early age. She is an educated lady and understands the kind of game is playing on the name of preaching and this is what made a committed preacher. She truly educates his followers and guides in the right way.

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Tarannum Khan, Meet World’s Most Acknowledged Muslim Preacher

June 27, 2017

It would very tough to understand what role a preacher plays in an individual’s life. Preaching is not an easy task to do, but whoever does this, a huge credit goes to them. Tarannum Khan, a worldwide known Muslim preacher has risen on the sky and known for her various efforts. She is an excellent preacher as well as a great philanthropist.

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